Monday, February 28, 2011

Sail Away

The clouds were filling up the sky again, just as they have been everyday this week. Mom said that it was going to rain today. But I didn’t worry about it; she’s been saying it was going to rain all week.
Today was a bit different however. The weather had gotten a bit windy. The wind was strange too. It felt like there was electricity in the wind; I could almost feel static in my hair and on my clothes.
This morning my mom said that if it wasn’t raining when I got home from school I could play with my new boat out in the wash.
Last week I turned 10 and my Uncle Tom gave me a Remote Control Boat! This boat could run circles around almost anything in the water and was said to be unsinkable.
Today was the day. I finally was going to take it out and play with it.
The wash is behind our house. It’s made out of cement and most of the time is dry. My mom lets me ride my bike around in it during the summer and when it’s dry. But for the last month or so it has been raining every few days. The wash was starting to fill up with water. There is enough in there now for me to take my boat out and sail it around.
It was so cool playing with my boat in the wash. I sailed it around the branches floating by and jumped it on the occasional waves. I was having so much fun that I didn’t realize that two hours had gone by.
It started to drizzle. I wasn’t to worried though; it hasn’t rained at all this week. Why would it start today?
I was still playing with my boat when I realized that the water was running faster down the wash. Then my boat got pulled down the wash and out of range. I took off to chase it and try to regain control of it. I wasn’t fast enough.
The rain started to come down hard. I heard my Mom call out to me to get inside.
I called back to her, “in a second mom, let me get my boat”
As I turned back around, I couldn’t find where my boat went.
The wash was racing now and my mom had come out and told me we had to get inside now! Just then lightening flashed across the sky. Mom grabbed my arm and dragged me inside.
My boat! I can’t believe it. I lost my boat!
After we got inside the house my mom said that I could go out and get it after the storm is over. And if I can’t find it she could always buy me a new one.
Yeah right! You can only buy this kind of boat in the city where my Uncle Tom lives. The stores out here only sell the cheap plastic ones that always break.
The storm started getting worse. I could see the rain pounding down on the street through the front room window. Occasionally there was lightening followed by a grumble of thunder. My Uncle Tom told me that if you count the seconds between the lightening and thunder, you would know how many miles away the lightening is.
The lightening lit up the street. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…. “THUNDER!” The lightening must only be five miles away!
Lightening again… 1, 2, 3, …. “THUNDER!” This time the thunder was so strong that it shook the windows. Then the power went out.
I usually get a little scared when the power goes out. But this time I was too worried about my boat and how far away it probably is by now that I hardly noticed.
My mom lit some candles around the house and I helped put wood in the fireplace for a fire.
After dinner we watched the storm while drinking some hot chocolate. Then it was time for bed.
I could hardly sleep. I wondered where my boat was. Could it have made it all the way to the ocean yet? Where could it be? I wondered if I would ever see it again.
When I woke up the next morning the sun was shinning. I jumped right out of bed and outside to see if I could find my boat. I was so anxious to find my boat that I didn’t even realize that I had ran outside in my P.J.’s
I couldn’t find it around the wash. I looked and looked everywhere. It must have sailed out to the ocean. I just know it!
Just as I started to head back to my house I noticed something sticking out of the sewer drain.
It was my boat! It didn’t sail out to the ocean after all. It had stayed near my house the whole time!
I ran over and pulled it out of the drain. It seemed fine. Nothing looked broken. I was so happy to have it again.
I decided not to play with my boat in the wash again. I don’t want it be Washed away.


Friday, February 25, 2011

12 Reasons to Sleep In

Six months ago, I woke up and felt refreshed and ready for the day. This has only happened once in my life. I would love to wake up like that again one day. Unfortunately, being a Mom of two young children, most of my mornings start to the sound: “Moommmieee!”
My husband and I miss the days of our youth, when we would stay up all night and sleep in until noon. We found a compromise and made a deal; on Saturdays, I get to sleep in and on Sundays, he gets to.

My top 12 favorite reasons to sleep in on Saturday:
1. It is warmer and snugglier under the covers.
2. By the time I get out of bed the kids are fed.
3. I can finish that dream about being at a spa in Maui.
4. Spreading out on the bed is best when no one else is in it.
5. I can stay up late on Friday and watch that "chick flick".
6. Need to catch up on all the late nights, writing until the wee hours.
7. Sun will be shining by the time I wake up.
8. Early bird may get the worm, but I prefer scrambled eggs and toast.
9. I can take my time getting out of bed and get ready for the day, rather than have it thrust upon me.
10. Gives me the impression that my life is not as stressful as it is.
11. There are some health benefits to getting enough sleep.
12. Because SLEEP IS GOOD!

So grab your pillow and blanket and snuggle in.

Getting Started

I have been intending to join a writing group that meets monthly. Unfortunately, it's has been hard to schedule.
The group leader has created a weekly writing prompt.
This blog will have my response to these prompts as well as other writings I am inspired to write.
I hope you enjoy.
Please leave comments.
Constructive criticism is always welcome.
That's how I can perfect my craft.