Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Rainbow

This story was created by myself, my husband, Travis and our children Blake and Brianna. We each added our own parts to it. ENJOY!!

Once upon a time there was a family camping in a meadow in the middle of the forest.
The father looked up and saw a rainbow just on the other side of the meadow.
He said to his family, “Look over there. That rainbow is only about a five minute walk from here. Let’s go see if we can reach it before it goes away!”
So they set off.
They walked across the grassy meadow. Soon they were upon the rainbow. The son was looking closely and saw a glow at the bottom of the rainbow.
Suddenly, they heard a noise in the grass off to the left, then off to the right, and then right in front of them!
Three little men, the height of four stacked stones, dressed in green suits with green top hats; jumped out and hollered, “STOP! Who are you to come to our rainbow?”
Behind the three leprechauns stepped out a troll, who stood the size of two grown men! He took a deep breath and said in his loudest voice, “GO AWAY!! This is MY gold!”
The family looked up at the troll, then down at the leprechauns. “We didn’t come for the gold. We just wanted to touch the rainbow and see if the stories of it filling you with LOVE are true.”
The leprechaun who was standing to the left of the family was the biggest leprechaun. He stepped forward and said, “The boy wants the gold. We can sense it in him.”
The son said in reply, “Yes, I do want a piece of gold, but not for its riches. I want to keep one so that I can have a token to remind me of this day and reaching the rainbow. I would NEVER spend it!”
The leprechauns looked at each other, they looked at the family and then they looked at the troll, “Let them touch the rainbow, Tiny.”
The family was so excited! They each stepped past the leprechauns and the troll and reached out to touch the rainbow.
The rainbow felt like liquid air. They cupped their hands and the colors of the rainbow filled up and swirled like a beautiful whirlpool.
The father, mother, son and daughter looked at each other and a sense of love and peace filled their hearts and minds.
After a few minutes, the family let the rainbow flow back into itself and stepped away.
The father walked up to the biggest leprechaun and said, “Thank you for allowing our family to experience the love this rainbow shared with us. We will keep this in our hearts forever.”
The biggest leprechaun smiled, “It is a joy to us to see someone come to the rainbow to want to feel it’s love rather than take its gold. For that, I will grant your son one piece of gold to take with him. He will be able to carry the memory of this moment with him always.”
The son’s face glowed! He thanked the leprechauns and the troll and placed a piece of gold carefully in his pocket.
“Dad,” said the son, “it’s time to go.”
So the family turned and headed back to their camp with their hearts full of love and peace.