Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Sprinklers

I heard the tick, tick, tick of the sprinklers outside as I sat in my room playing with my dolls. The sound was coming through the window carried on a warm breeze. I could smell the fresh cut grass and needed to go and see what was going on in the back yard.

I got off my bed and stretch out my cramped legs. As I came out into the hallway my brother bumped into me, carrying his big green towel. He was wearing his swimming trunks and smiling from ear to ear.

As I approached the sliding glass door I blinked back as the sunlight shinned in at me. Outside I could see my sister laughing as my dad turned up the water pressure on the faucet and motioned with his finger for me to come and have some fun. I giggled with anticipation of playing outside in the sprinklers on this hot summer day.

I turned around and ran to my room to put on my red, one-piece, poka-dot swimsuit and grabbed my favorite purple towel with white daisies along the trim. Then headed outside to play with my siblings.

They were already soaking from head to toe. I dropped my towel over the lawn chair and skipped out onto the grass. I could feel the cold water seep through my toes as the grass wrapped around the bottoms of my feet. The hose snaked through the grass to where it met the shiny sprinkler head. Water was spraying out in all directions and making a rainbow on the far side of the yard. It was brilliant with color and danced in the wind.

Just then my brother yelled and the next thing I knew there was water crashing onto my back. It was so cold that I arched my back and screamed out loud. He laughed and ran around me back to the sprinkler. I followed him as the water splashed my face and soaked my swimsuit. It was cold and gave me goose bumps. Then, after running around and squirting my brother back, I forgot about it being cold and began to laugh as we ran around the green grass that had become our muddy playground.

Several hours later, my feet were caked with mud and grass. My fingers and toes resembled raisins from running through the soggy lawn.

Our water fun had come to an end, my dad turned off the water and the sprinklers slowly faded down and it was time to dry off. I walked up onto the hot cement porch, leaving my wet footprints to follow me as I laid out my towel and rested my body.

As the sun warmed and dried my body, I felt a cool breeze tingle my skin. I laid there with a smile, enjoying the final moments of the summer day.