Monday, October 24, 2011

The Halloween Fairy

The following is an excerpt from my soon to be published book, "The Halloween Fairy".


My brother, Peter and I race to the door. The first Trick-or-Treater is here!
I get to the door just before Peter. As I turn the handle to open the door, I hear a familiar voice.
“Trick-or-Treat!” Sarah shouts out. “Do you like my costume, Maria?”
“What are you suppose to be?” I ask.
“I’m the Halloween Fairy,” Sarah replies. “I can’t wait to see what the real Halloween Fairy is going to bring me tonight.”
“The what?” Peter and I ask.
Sarah smiles as she walks inside, “You haven’t heard of the Halloween Fairy? Where we lived last year, everyone knew about the Halloween Fairy. She is a fairy, like the tooth fairy, who travels around on Halloween night trading your candy for toys.”
“So do you put your candy under your pillow?” I ask.
“No, you just put your candy in a paper bag by your bedroom door. While you sleep, the Halloween Fairy comes and trades the candy for a present. Last year I got an arts and crafts kit."
“What does she do with all the candy she collects?” Peter asks.
“I’m not sure. I think she gives it to kids that can’t go trick or treating.”
I frown. “How come we’ve never heard of the Halloween Fairy? She’s never come to our house.”
“My Dad said that the Halloween Fairy only visits the kids who believe in her and want to trade their candy for toys. If you don’t want to trade your candy, just don’t leave it out and she will pass by your house,” Sarah replies.
Peter and I finish putting on our costumes so we can go Trick-or-Treating with Sarah.
I see Dad in the hallway and tell him about the Halloween Fairy.
“Sarah said that she comes every Halloween night and trades candy for toys!”
“I’ve never heard of her” Dad responds. “I’ll tell you what, how about tonight we believe in the Halloween Fairy? We’ll follow Sarah’s instructions, and I bet that if we truly believe, the Halloween Fairy just might come!”
Trick-or-Treating is a blast! We go to almost every house in our neighborhood. Our bags are packed with candy!
Peter and I say goodnight to Sarah and head home.
Walking across the street, I turn to Peter, “I’m not sure I want the Halloween Fairy to take my candy. I don’t really want to give it all away to some fairy I never heard of before."
Peter thinks for a moment and looks at me. “I wasn’t sure if I wanted to give it all away either. Maybe we don’t have to put all our candy in the bag. We can save some for ourselves and leave the rest out for the Halloween Fairy to take. What do you think?”
“That sounds like a great idea,” I reply.

*This story is copyrighted to Rose Killion and Promethean Revelations Publishing

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

22 Things I Never Did

1. Enjoyed cleaning the bathroom

2. Ate a raw lemon without tightening my face

3. Wore high-heals and thought “wow, these are comfortable”

4. Looked forward to going to the dentist

5. Thought my homemade chocolate chunk brownies tasted horrible

6. Watched my kids sleeping and wished they were awake

7. Felt safe around a clown

8. Wished there was more laundry to do

9. Thought a snake, or any reptile, is cute

10. Wore animal print

11. Understood why stores start selling things for Christmas before Halloween

12. Called out of the dressing room, “This size 4 is too big”

13. Walked on the moon

14. Stopped loving my man

15. Missed changing my kid’s diapers

16. Burped the alphabet

17. Looked at pictures of myself from the 80s and think, “Wow! That was a great outfit! Just look at those legwarmers!”

18. Intentionally wore a matching shirt with my husband

19. Understood why people drive slow in the FAST lane

20. Said, “Yippee! I get to wake up early!”

21. Regretted being a mom to our two children

22. Wished chocolate was never invented

This list was inspired by
Mama’s Losin’ It

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween Costume

ues in the sky change as the sun sets

All Hollow’s Eve is beginning

Large crows “caw” over head

Light the candles in the Jack-O-Lanterns

October 31st

What to dress up as?

Eager to begin putting on the costume

Earrings, big gold hoops

New oversized black hat

Corset to flatter the waistline

Oversized white shirt

Sword on the hip

Thigh-high black boots

Unique red sash, draped around the waist

Make up fitting for a pirate

Excited to go Trick-Or-Treating “Says I”

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Slow dance

Flyers for the “Back to School” dance were going up all over the school. I love to dance, so I was very excited about a school dance! I was a 15 year old freshman. This would be my first school activity!

My sister was two years older than me. We were great friends, hanging around with the same group of friends, outside of school. We started making plans: who we were going to go with and what we were going to wear. She asked if I wanted to bring a date. I blushed.

I had been introduced to my “date” several weeks before through a mutual friend. He and I hit it off the first time we met. My parents had a rule that we weren’t allowed to go on a date until we were 16. When I called him to see if wanted to go, we agreed to meet there with other friends so that it would not be an official date, just a group of friends getting together.

The night of the dance I dressed up in my favorite black dress with little flowers on it. I loved the way the dress swirled out with I spun around. Being the “cool” girl that I was, I also wore black tights with my Doc Martin boots.

We walked up the steps to the school gym where the dance was being held. There were some balloons and streamers decorating the walls. The lights were dimmed and a mirrored ball hung in the center of the gym. The DJ was set up on the stage. Kids were mingling, here and there and a group had begun dancing in the center of the floor.

We joined the group on the floor and danced to our favorite songs; singing along to most of them. Then the DJ then announced that he was going to change it up and play a slow song.

Everyone cleared the floor and went their separate ways; either to the snack table, outside for fresh air or to the bathrooms to freshen up.

The song the DJ played was “Somebody” by Depeche Mode. Depeche Mode was my favorite band and “Somebody” was my favorite song.

My “date” knew I loved the song. He walked up to me and held out his arm, “Do you want to dance with me?”

“Um, sure,” I took his arm and he lead me back onto the dance floor.

It was awkward at first, then he gave me a hug, I wrapped my arms around his neck and we swayed back and forth; slightly stepping in a circle.

The song eventually ended and the tempo went back up. He held onto my hand and we danced to a few fast songs with our friends.

After the dance was over, we all went to Denny’s to enjoy some fries with ranch and ketchup, and reminisce about the night. I knew that my first slow dance with my “date” would be my favorite memory of the night.