Saturday, April 11, 2015


Boink was a jester and he walked into the large room looking for some fun. He saw Princess Brianna across the room and a smile spread across his face. Then Boink bounded towards Brianna and asked, “Can I help you Princess Brianna?”

Princess Brianna spun around to greet Boink with a smile of her own. She laughed as Boink bounced lightly, like a child waiting to play.

Just then, Knight Richard walked proudly into the room. He marched up to Princess Brianna and said, “My Princess.” As he half knelt in his full suit of armor.

Princess Brianna smiled and said, “Hello Knight Richard.” Knight Richard stood back to his full height.

“I am here to help. Do you have a quest for me?” asked Knight Richard. Then he said, “Perhaps a quest to slay a dragon that is scaring villagers? Maybe there is a dangerous bear that needs to be wrestled to the ground?”

Princess Brianna walked over to the side table and picked up a scroll and handed it to Knight Richard. She smiled playfully and said, “Fulfill the quest to deliver this message to the King. Oh, and tell him that I will be late for lunch.”

Looking puzzled, Knight Richard asked, “Is there not an important quest I can fulfill for you my Princess?”

“This is an important quest. It involves the King, who is the most important of all in the kingdom,” replied Princess Brianna.

Taking the scroll into his hands, Knight Richard bowed to Princess Brianna. He turned and marched out of the room.

Princess Brianna turned around and saw Boink with a broom handle in his right hand and a bucket on his head that covered his eyes. He marched with his knees high and waving his broom handle around as a knight would swing a sword.

Boink marched up to Princess Brianna, looking very unbalanced, and said, “I will slay the dragon, my Princess, with my sword! And my, um, not shield?”  He continued, holding up his empty arm.

Boink held up one finger, asking the Princess to wait a moment. He dashed over to the couch and grabbed a pillow. Boink held up the pillow and marched back to the Princess. Boink’s knightly ensemble was completed. He had his broom handle “sword”, his bucket “helmet” and pillow cushion “shield”.

As Boink bowed to Princess Brianna, his bucket helmet began to fall off. He quickly smacked the helmet back into place with his broom handle sword, almost knocking himself over. Boink stepped backwards then forward trying to keep his balance. He nearly dropped his shield as he teetered with both legs spread wide, as if balancing on a log.

Princess Brianna laughed out loud and said through her giggles, “My hero, Boink the Knight!”

Feeling confident from the Princess’s words, Boink raised his sword and attacked the coat rack “dragon”. His sword cracked against dragon, smashing it with the little strength he could muster. The coat rack dragon tipped back, bounced off the wall and fell forward onto Boink. With a loud yell, like a scared little girl, Boink tried to dive out of the way of the fearsome dragon. But he was not quick enough and the dragon pinned him to the floor.

Boink the Knight’s sword flew out of his right hand, his shield out of his left and his helmet fell off and spun on the ground above his head. He looked up at the ceiling, breathing out a heavy sigh, having been defeated by the dragon.

Princess Brianna laughed so hard, tears were rolling down her cheeks. She heard the bell for lunch and walked out of the room toward the dining hall, leaving Boink the Knight on the floor.

As Princess Brianna approached the dining table she heard a loud clatter behind her. Boink came skidding into the dining hall holding his broom sword and pillow shield. Speaking bravely, Boink said, “I triumphed over the last dragon and will bring this dragon to the same doom.”

Princess Brianna laughed and asked, “What dragon are you talking about; an invisible one?”

Looking wildly about, Boink saw another coat rack in the hallway. He darted over and dragged the ‘dragon’ into the dining hall. Then he struggled with all his might to perch the coat rack dragon on the end of the table.

Turning around, holding his bucket helmet on his head, Boink said to Princess Brianna, “ Dis Daggon, wite eearr!”

Shaking her head, Princess Brianna asked, “The what is where?

Without turning around, Boink pointed to the coat rack dragon on top of the table. He lowered his head and charged toward the dragon. Not being able to see where he was going, Boink clanged into the table with his bucket helmet, knocking the dragon towards him.

The King and Knight Richard were entering the dining hall as Boink the Knight collapsed to the floor. Boink threw up his sword and grabbed his shield to protect himself as the coat rack dragon crashed down on him.

The dragon was strong and pinned Boink on the ground. With his face buried in his pillow shield, Boink struggled to free himself from the grip of the dragon; his arms and legs flailing about.

The King roared with laughter and Princess Brianna held onto her belly as she tried to regain her breath from laughing so hard. Knight Richard walked over to Boink and freed him from the dangerous "coat-rack" dragon, as any brave Knight would.

Holding only his pillow shield, Boink bowed to Knight Richard and said, “Thank you for saving me, Knight Richard, from the terrible dragon!”

Shaking his head, Knight Richard turned around and faced the King.

“My valiant knight, you have saved the damsel from the coat rack!” said the King. The room erupted in laughter.

Boink smiled as he left the dining hall, knowing he had fun and brought laughter to his sires. He placed his trusted broom sword, pillow shield and bucket helmet back in their rightful places.

Princess Brianna called out, “Thank you Boink, for bringing laughter to my afternoon. You are a great jester!”


  1. Laughter is a far more important ingredient in a lasting relationship ;)

    Fun story, Rose.

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